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Hospital, Ambulance, Medical Centre - Fitout Solutions

Hospital, Ambulance, Medical Centre - Fitout Solutions

Storage solutions for hospital and medical first responder teams can be a complex and confusing business – which is why it’s crucial, for patient and staff safety, to have a robust, hygienic system in place.

  • Ambulance Stations
  • ER Supply Rooms
  • Patient Treatment Rooms


Client Challenges 1 - Ambulance supply rooms  

  • Need to quickly restock ambulances ready for next call out
  • Bins need to be compatible with Slatgrid wall system
  • Supplies had to be labelled and easy to find





Solution 1

Popbox Cube, Medium & Jumbo in Black



Benefits of the new fitout - 

  • Popbox bins are lightweight yet strong
  • Easy to label, supplies are 100% visible, find it fast
  • Easy for medical staff to move bins to packing areas
  • Easy to clean, as supplies are not sitting on dusty shelves
  • Popbox fits into the world's most popular wall systems... slatwall and slatgrid
  • Fits into pegboard using the handy Pegboard Adaptor


Client Challenges 2 - Hopital Supply Rooms

Hospital Supply Rooms

  • Supplies need to be highly visible and "quick-to-pick" to streamline medical supplies restocking
  • Supplies need to be easy to label
  • Solution needs to be compatible with Slatwall/Slatgrid wall systems
  • Different colours were needed to differentiate between item types
  • Product bar codes need to be fixed on each display box


Solution for Hospital Supply Rooms

A mix of Shelfbox and Storbox in multiple colours  

    Hospital Supply Rooms - Benefits of the new fitout

    • Compatible with existing wire products
    • Supplies are highly visible, labelled and colour-coded
    • Easy to clean and rearrange
    • No wasted space, save money and time




    Client Challenge 3 - Princess Alexandra Hospital

    PA Hospital Patient Treatment Rooms

    • Need to organise clinical supplies to improve staff productivity
    • Need to be aesthetically pleasing for patients
    • Need to be easy to clean and organise
    • Need to accommodate both small and large clinical supplies


    Benefits of the new fitout 

    • A mix of all the Slatbox brands was used to accommodate the various different sizes... Storbox, Shelfbox, Popbox Cratebox and Hobibox
    • Wood grained slatwall panel was used to increase aethetic appeal
    • Clutter was reduced and staff productivity increased
    • Clinical supplies can be removed from the wall and used on treatment trolleys


    SLATBOX fits all wall systems

    Slatbox is a universal system. Our store fixture storage bins are strong and versatile, fitting smoothly into all major slotted wall systems including:
    • Slatwall
    • Slatgrid
    • Tidywall
    • Handywall
    • Proslat
    • CrownWall
    • FlowWall
    • Plankwall
    • StoreWALL
    • Clipwall
    • Unislat
    • Pegboard


    If you've got Slatwall, you need Slatbox!

    Slatbox storage bins are available in a range of clear or bright colours.
    Our products are ideal for retail display, hospitals and pharmacies, schools and childcare centres, offices, materials handling and home garage. 


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