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Slatbox Display Ideas

Slatbox Storage Inspiration

Slatbox is so versatile it can be used in almost any shopfront, garage, chemist, backroom, toy room or anywhere you need a storage and  organisation solution fpr your home or workplace.

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Slatbox Products In Action

Take a look at some of the companies and families who use Slatbox everyday to organise and store parts, products and stock.

Materials Handling

The Slatbox system provides unlimited versatility and flexibility. Use with slatwall, slatgrid, Squaregrid and pegboard or simply use Shelfbox on shelving for superior organisation.

Your Ultimate Storage Solution

Your Ultimate Storage Solution

Slatbox is the innovative storage solution that is strong, versatile and designed to fit smoothly into all slotted wall systems including Slatwall, Storewall, Plankwall, Megawall, Flowwall and much more.

Slatbox storage bins are able to facilitate any business, home or hospital storage needs with its universal store fixture and shop fitting display solution.

Attaching easily to gridmesh, clipwall, pegboard and slatgrid, as well as all slotted wall systems, the design initiative of Slatbox is the creation of a unique design which encompasses style, accessibility and practical storage solutions.

Slatbox is a preferable option to regular storage bins, whether the purpose is for a business or simply home organisation. As far as a home storage product, the Slatbox storage bins are easily the most stylish of all home storage units. Featuring our unique design patented fitment, Slatbox storage bins are available in a range of clear or bright colours. Businesses and hospitals who use Slatbox find that the storage product is easy to clean and easy to install with innovative sleek designs that offer maximum product storage and display.

Slatbox Storage Systems

Slatbox Storage Systems

We would love to discuss your requirements for both home and office, if you are after a bulk order or would like more information on how you can stock Slatbox in your shop or storefront please contact us on 1300 309 655 or email us at