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Unislat Wall Storage

Unislat Wall Display & Storage System

The Unislat wall system is made from a lightweight plastic which is 50% lighter than wood or metal. It is very easy to install and simply snaps together without revealing the wall brackets or screws creating a smooth and sleek finish.

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The History of Slat Grid

Historically, Slat Grid is used to hold a variety of accessories including the Slatbox storage bins and can come in a panel 2ft by 2ft wide (600mm by 600mm modular slatgrid), all the way up to the inserts for the middle of shelves and/or wall mounted shelving displays. Much like Grid Wall, it’s designed to hold weight without bending or warping – so you can use it as the basis for a lot of shelving types. They vary in weight from 8 kilos (16lbs) upwards, depending on the panel type and size you use, so they should be attached to a wall if used outside a shelving unit designed for slat grid, and you should always be sure that you’re attaching them with the correct accessories. If you cut them down into smaller panels, they will be lighter, and allow you to attach them without fear of perhaps damaging the structure beneath them. Its sturdy design means that it can be used without buckling or bending in most regular situations and its weight actually helps in most cases, as it can be secured far easier without worrying about damaging the shelving structure itself. Once attached, slat grid has a myriad of uses – it can even be cut into shelves and attached to itself for maximum flexibility.

Where Is Slat Grid Used?

Versatile and flexible, it is perfect for a variety of uses and can be customised into a variety of shapes and sizes. This customisation is the reason that slat grid is so popular – heavier and easier to use than its smaller cousins, it’s perfect in a variety of environments, including shop fitting. A myriad of special kits allow you to create any shape or size of slat grid structure for your needs, and create a unique shelving system designed specifically for you. You can clip a large sheet into smaller sheets, or buy them pre-clipped. You can also buy them in a variety of colours and sizes, though it’s most common to buy them in sheets and cut them down, or buy kits with the accessories and shelving extras included. Each panel can be attached to wooden frames, used as shelves, or attached direct to the wall with the screws and mounts provided. Once attached, they can be used with most accessories, including the Slatbox storage solutions which come in a range of plastic storage boxes, bins and tubs.

Features And Benefits Of Slat Grid

The biggest feature and benefit of slat grid is it can be used with other accessories designed for various different walling and panelling solutions. It’s one of the most versatile shelving accessories currently on the market, and because it’s so heavy, and sturdy, with a bit of creativity, you can use it free standing for certain shelve or accessory types. This also means that you can use it to create geometric shelving sets, bound together with specially made brackets. As it’s so strong, it can also be used freestanding and covered in fabric, or to contrast or compliment your decor, in its various supplied colours. While it’s very versatile, you can also get a vast range of accessories designed specifically for use with the Slat Grid system. Slat grid can also be used in the centre of specially designed shelving units or in panels as shelves – and attaches well to itself cut down into appropriately sized shelving units – with special brackets. You can also simply attach tubs and storage boxes to store almost anything – which is why it’s used equally in the home and in shop fitting and shop design.

Slat Grid Manufacturers – Where Can I Buy Slat Grid?

In the US there are dozens of manufacturers of slat grid, including Advantage Fixtures – http://www.advantagefixtures.com In the UK, you can purchase Slat Grid from Kas Shop Fitting – again they also supply a variety of accessories and items to customise your shelving to fit your specific need. http://www.slatwalldisplays.co.uk/ – Slatwall displays also supplies a vast range of accessories and panels – including gorgeous and functional glass shelves allowing you to create a functional, yet austere shelving display, without any effort at all. In Australia, you can buy Slat Grid from – http://www.meipicchi.com.au You can also buy modular slatgrid from Slatbox http://slatbox.com – along with dozens of accessories and other attachments designed specifically for slat grid and more. These smaller kits are ideal for the small home project, or as an alternative to other grid design walling supplies.

Slatbox Storage System Testimonials

“I used to keep my lead sinkers in plastics bins on the floor because I could not find a system strong enough to hold them on the wall. The Slatbox® system is fantastic because it combines strength with durability and meets all my retail needs.”

Toll Kouz, Owner of Mossops Tackle Shops

“Our new facility has just opened three weeks ago but the response to the Slatbox product has been really favourable from the start. It’s given us a good way to organise clinical supplies which were previously quite unorganised so it saves the staff time because they can find things more easily. One of the great things about Slatbox is that the plastic storage bins are easy to wash which is important in a hospital environment; they can be put in the dishwasher or washed in the sink.

Vanessa, Facility Planning Department At Princess Alexandra Hospital

“I love this system, it does everything I need and is cost effective. I used to use acrylic bins that were continuously scratching and breaking – Slatbox™ is indestructible”

Ryan, General Manager of DEEP Wholesale Diving Supplies

“I have been using the Slatbox products for several years now and I’ve been very happy, we use Slatbox in my daughter’s bedroom, the laundry, in the garage. I find with Slatbox you can put anything in them, heavy items, large items. It was very easy to set up, we bought the slatwall, my husband assembled it and within 15 minutes it was up and the boxes just fit straight in. I would definitely recommend Slatbox to other people; I think there are many different applications, the garage, the laundry, chemists, and shops. Slatbox would be great in the classroom, in childcare, or in any education system. It helps the teacher become better organised which leaves more time for the children.”

Michelle, Full time Mum and Primary School Teacher