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Retail Display Solutions #5 - Slatbox on Pegboard

Retail Display Solutions #5 - Slatbox on Pegboard



Did you know that "Pegboard accessories" was searched more than twice as much as "Slatwall accessories" over the past 5 years!  
We encourage you to review your website to ensure you include all Slatbox products under Pegboard Accessories as well as Slatwall Accessories. 
Google Trends results are in!
Pegboard accessories
 -v- Slatwall accessories
Below are examples of how Slatbox bins can be used in Pegboard for retail display.


Pegboard adaptors are available for as little as US $0.55 each. 

The Hobibox range fits directly into Pegboard. All other Slatbox products can be used with an adaptor .

National Hardware Stores

Pet Store

Boating Store

Beauty Store

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Reach out to us today if we can assist you with -

  • images or content for your website;
  • social media ideas and posts;
  • product selection for pegboard, slatwall, slatgrid wall systems; and
  • suitable solutions for your clients.

If you are not already a distributor of Slatbox please contact Becky to get started!

Caroline Seymour
Marketing/Sales Manager
Slatbox Storage Systems
P: 1300 309 655

Becky Moloney
Slatbox International
P: 1300 309 655
M: +61419 721 830

 SLATBOX fits all wall systems 

Slatbox is a universal system. Our store fixture storage bins are strong and versatile, fitting smoothly into all major slotted wall systems including:
  • Slatwall

  • Plankwall

  • StoreWALL

  • Flow wall

  • Clipwall

  • Proslat

  • Unislat

  • Pegboard

  If you've got Slatwall, you need Slatbox!  

Slatbox storage bins are available in a range of clear or bright colours.

Our products are ideal for retail display, hospitals and pharmacies, schools and childcare centres, offices, materials handling and home garage.

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