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Flow Wall

Flow Wall System

Flow wall is a wall system made from a high density PVC which is impervious to staining and scratches. It is incredibly lightweight yet the panel based system ensures that it can carry a high amount of weight and is distributed evenly throughout the wall.

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The History Of Flow Wall

Flow wall is one of the best ways to keep things organised and increase the aesthetic of your trade show, home, garage, or business. Flow wall is designed to be compatible with all your storage needs; you can cover your whole wall space or customise the flow wall to fit in with your space. Flow wall panels provide you with the versatility of vertical and horizontal adjustment so that as your storage needs change, flow wall can adapt with you. Flow wall is compatible with a range of accessories, including the full Slatbox storage bin range. Using flow wall and Slatbox accessories, you can create a customised, integrated system which is designed to work as one.

Industry Flow Wall Is Used In

Flow wall is suitable for home garage, shop fitting and other commercial uses – it comes with a variety of accessories, and fittings to make it highly versatile and usable in most situations, from garages and workshops to stores with massive displays. It’s also designed to be very easy to install, which broadens its many uses not just for commercial and business use but for the average home and garage. Whether it’s being fitted into a small home workshop or a massive department store, this product is flexible enough to use in any situation and under almost any budget. And with a variety of accessories that can be installed to it, including all Slatbox storage bins such as Storebox, Hobibox, Cratebox, Shelfbox, and Popbox, Flow wall is able to adapt to suit any storage need.

Features And Benefits Of Flow Wall

There are many features and benefits to the Flow wall system including high density PVC core, beveled slot profile, smart install features, and hexachrome finish. The Flow wall’s high density PVC core means that this wall system is undoubtedly strong and durable, this is evidenced by the high amount of weight each panel can carry, which is upto 400lbs per panel! The beveled slot profile provides a secure fit for all accessories that fit onto Flow wall, such as Slatbox storage bins, they are designed to evenly distribute the weight on each panel. Flow wall has smart install features such as a connector dowel channel for horizontal expansion and finishing channels which allows for clean vertical installation and alignment. Flow wall is waterproof and UV resistant which makes it easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing, this is due to the hexachrome finish.

Manufacturers Of Flow Wall And Where Can I Buy It?

Flow wall is available in the US and Canada from the manufacturer, www.flowwall.com.

Slatbox Storage System Testimonials

“I used to keep my lead sinkers in plastics bins on the floor because I could not find a system strong enough to hold them on the wall. The Slatbox® system is fantastic because it combines strength with durability and meets all my retail needs.”

Toll Kouz, Owner of Mossops Tackle Shops

“Our new facility has just opened three weeks ago but the response to the Slatbox product has been really favourable from the start. It’s given us a good way to organise clinical supplies which were previously quite unorganised so it saves the staff time because they can find things more easily. One of the great things about Slatbox is that the plastic storage bins are easy to wash which is important in a hospital environment; they can be put in the dishwasher or washed in the sink.

Vanessa, Facility Planning Department At Princess Alexandra Hospital

“I love this system, it does everything I need and is cost effective. I used to use acrylic bins that were continuously scratching and breaking – Slatbox™ is indestructible”

Ryan, General Manager of DEEP Wholesale Diving Supplies

“I have been using the Slatbox products for several years now and I’ve been very happy, we use Slatbox in my daughter’s bedroom, the laundry, in the garage. I find with Slatbox you can put anything in them, heavy items, large items. It was very easy to set up, we bought the slatwall, my husband assembled it and within 15 minutes it was up and the boxes just fit straight in. I would definitely recommend Slatbox to other people; I think there are many different applications, the garage, the laundry, chemists, and shops. Slatbox would be great in the classroom, in childcare, or in any education system. It helps the teacher become better organised which leaves more time for the children.”

Michelle, Full time Mum and Primary School Teacher