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Plankwall Systems

Plankwall is a stunning addition to the variety of slatwall systems,  perfect for any shop fitter’s range of materials – flexible pitches with varying lengths in the All-Ali range, allow for shop fitters and customers to set up the ideal display, while the MDF Panel Plankwall gives unparalleled natural beauty whilst supporting the whole range of accessories in the Plankwall and Slatbox storage bin range.  It comes in a variety of finishes and can be used in various areas of shop and customer facing areas, such as offices, showrooms and exhibitions.  It’s so flexible (in use) that it can be used almost anywhere.

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History of Plank Wall

Plank Wall was first invented and the company formed in 1992, and the business has quickly grown to serve a vast array of markets, globally. Its design has expanded to include several recognisable systems such as Gondola 18 and 60, and the main company supplies international markets such as Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan and beyond. It can be adapted to several dozen uses including magazine display – all traditional shop fitting projects, and comes in several types of material. Al-Ali – at 12mm thick, 150mm wide, is an elegant solution to lightweight and compact needs for shipping and use the world over, and are available in a variety of pitches. It can be powder coated or anodised for a variety of colours and finishes. MDF Panels are grooved and then tested to ensure strength. They are available for export to Asia and beyond, and are wooden, so again, can be used with a variety of colour options at end point.

The Industry Plankwall is used in

Plankwall is extensively used in shop fitting of every kind and is a popular choice for small to midsized businesses and beyond. It’s designed to look elegant yet functional in a variety of environments and use, without overpowering the space. With a variety of colours and finishes, both in the aluminium and MDF version of the plankwall, they’ve become a firm favourite with shop fitters and designers the world over and make amazing displays that can be relied on for both their strength and elegance. This flexibility is its key strength, and the reason it’s so popular – whether using the aluminium style pieces, the MDF pieces, the system is designed to stand up to many demands in the shop fitting business, without leaving an ugly frontward facia that customers will find unattractive. It can be used in almost any stock bearing environment combined with the slatbox range, but is equally usable in situations such as exhibits and feature displays at trade shows – easy to construct and set up, you could have a mobile display casement easily – in a light and transportable form.

Features and benefits of Plankwall

Plankwall is designed to be versatile and unobtrusive, so you can hang a variety of accessories to the space, giving an almost unparalleled flexibility and customisation, allowing the discerning business owner to set up their space to their needs. It’s designed to be flexible, yet strong in most circumstances and because it comes in a range of sizes (All-Ali) and/or is cuttable, it can be configured to fit most spaces without much effort, making it one of the most consumer friendly shop fitting products on the market. Coupled with the vast range of accessories that can be used on the system including all Slatbox storage bins, this is an amazingly versatile product that comes highly recommended for any shop fitting or store fixture project. It also takes a vast array of accessories, without customisation, which makes it a great choice if replacing the backing of displays, but wanting to keep original fixtures, or designing a one off unit for a bespoke storage piece. Strong enough to also use for home projects, Plankwall is ideal when you need something that is tough, yet elegant, it’s often so unobtrusive that people don’t’ realise it’s there until fitting accessories, making it the ideal showcase for products, and items. It’s also designed in such a way that it can be used as freestanding displays, with the same accessories – making it one of the most versatile building materials out there. You can fit it with just about anything including Slatbox, and still make it look elegant, which makes it the first choice of shop fitters in Eastern Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Plank Wall Manufacturers And Where To Buy?

Plankwall are the manufacturers and exporters serving the New Zealand market. We ship containers of our products to Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Mauritius…… and LCL shipments to USA, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Pacific Islands… You can reach their site via

Slatbox on Plankwall

Slatbox Storage System Testimonials

“I used to keep my lead sinkers in plastics bins on the floor because I could not find a system strong enough to hold them on the wall. The Slatbox® system is fantastic because it combines strength with durability and meets all my retail needs.”

Toll Kouz, Owner of Mossops Tackle Shops

“Our new facility has just opened three weeks ago but the response to the Slatbox product has been really favourable from the start. It’s given us a good way to organise clinical supplies which were previously quite unorganised so it saves the staff time because they can find things more easily. One of the great things about Slatbox is that the plastic storage bins are easy to wash which is important in a hospital environment; they can be put in the dishwasher or washed in the sink.

Vanessa, Facility Planning Department At Princess Alexandra Hospital

“I love this system, it does everything I need and is cost effective. I used to use acrylic bins that were continuously scratching and breaking – Slatbox™ is indestructible”

Ryan, General Manager of DEEP Wholesale Diving Supplies

“I have been using the Slatbox products for several years now and I’ve been very happy, we use Slatbox in my daughter’s bedroom, the laundry, in the garage. I find with Slatbox you can put anything in them, heavy items, large items. It was very easy to set up, we bought the slatwall, my husband assembled it and within 15 minutes it was up and the boxes just fit straight in. I would definitely recommend Slatbox to other people; I think there are many different applications, the garage, the laundry, chemists, and shops. Slatbox would be great in the classroom, in childcare, or in any education system. It helps the teacher become better organised which leaves more time for the children.”

Michelle, Full time Mum and Primary School Teacher