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Clearbox With Lid

Clearbox With Lid

It's clear... it's a box... and it's got a lid. But the big news is that it fits directly into slatwall and is incredibly strong and looks great.  And, more importantly, it makes any product look fantastic.

We're talking about Clearbox With Lid, by Slatbox.

And we're jumping up and down with excitement to let you know about it! (In fact, we've jumped up and down on the box and can't break it, it is SUPER STRONG!)

It has many retail uses and fits directly into Slatwall and Slatgrid, and other wall systems such as pegboard and gridmesh with an adaptor. 

Some of our happy retailers include...

  • Pet Stores & Veterinary Surgeries
  • Vape Stores & Tobacco / Cannabis Retailers
  • Confectionery & Nut Sales
  • Seed Libraries
  • Adult Stores
  • Balloons

Who do you know that needs CLEARBOX WITH LID in their slatwall fitout?

Pet Stores for Dog Treats!  

City Council - Seed Libraries

Confectionery Stores

Vaping Stores in France

SLATBOX fits all wall systems

Slatbox is a universal system. Our store fixture storage bins are strong and versatile, fitting smoothly into all major slotted wall systems including:
  • Slatwall
  • Slatgrid
  • Tidywall
  • Handywall
  • Proslat
  • CrownWall
  • FlowWall
  • Plankwall
  • StoreWALL
  • Clipwall
  • Unislat
  • Pegboard


If you've got Slatwall, you need Slatbox!

Slatbox storage bins are available in a range of clear or bright colours.
Our products are ideal for retail display, hospitals and pharmacies, schools and childcare centres, offices, materials handling and home garage. 


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