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Get Your Products to Fly off the Wall

What You Need to Know About Maximising Your Store Space 

The way you display your products can make or break their sale-ability. Ensure success with a display that not only catches the eye but maximizes the space in your store for full visibility.

Shelving is one of the most effective ways of displaying your retail goods and products. You can use storage bins and wall systems to create a retail display that entices your customer, broadens your stock, and offers a simple solution to storage and displays.

Got a compact space? No problem! Our patented slat wall systems ensure your stock looks attractive on any wall. Whether your store is big, or small, Slatwall systems help them stand out.

What are the Benefits of Displaying Your Stock?

Don’t settle for stacked stock, bulky shelves and flat floor displays. Your display plays a vital role in the success of your business. Make sure your customers find what they need in a quick, practical and pleasing way.

Our Slatbox system is durable and versatile. With storage bins in an array of interchangeable sizes and styles, outfitting a store has never been easier. Able to slot right into your slat wall structure, each storage bin is quality tested and sturdy enough to handle any item you throw in.

Make Your Good Quality Storage System Work for You

Use Slatbox shelving to maximise your shop space. Walls are a useful source of extra space. Use it to your advantage with a range of storage bins that not only keep everything identifiable but add décor and character to your store.

Boost the visibility of your products with angled shelf arrangement. Flat shelving can be limiting, as can table displays. Ensure your products are browser friendly with wall-hung storage bins that allow your customers to peruse your products easily.

You can also use Slatbox to run seasonal or promotional displays! Our products are easy to install and uninstall, so you can move them around the store and rearrange them for whatever opportunity arises.

No longer burdened by the lack of space on the floor, you can offer a wider scope of what you sell with slat wall or pegboard shelving and quality storage bins. Allow each item its moment in the sun with wall storage that adds value and maximises space.

Get Creative with Your Display Decor

Your display system plays a vital role in the success of your business. Slatbox storage not only provides you with the materials but allows you to get creative with them.

All Slatbox products are complementary in design and style. Depending on the storage bin you use, there is a range of colours to suit your décor. Guaranteed to complement any business, our shelving products are professional-looking, practical storage solutions with visual appeal. You can even create a custom colour to better express your brand!

Use crystal clear bins to show off your wares or specific colours to convey your branding. You can even use an assortment of colours to define specific sections and categories of stock!

Become a Distributor

Have you thought about selling these products in your store? Slatbox continues to grow, selling our products to customers all around the world! We are currently seeking distributors throughout Australia for this exciting, in-demand product.

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