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Retail Display Solution - Hair and Beauty Case Study

Retail Display Solution - Hair and Beauty Case Study

  Client Challenge  


This month's Case Study focuses on a solution for displaying small beauty items for retail display for under $300.00 per store!

  1. Lots of Small Products - Separate and display a large range of small beauty products to make it easy to attract more sales e.g. 50 types of nail files in each store
  2. More than one type of wall system - Each store under the national brand has a number of existing wall systems including - Slatwall, Grid Mesh & Pegboard. Client needed a product that could be used across multiple wall stem
    s and complement their existing fitout.
  3. Maximum Visibility - Being able to easily see the item being displayed and the large number of options for a client to choose from
  4. Easy to Label - Product codes need to be marked on each display box
  5. Limited budget - Post covid... 


   A mix of Hobibox Long in Clear, Black and Pink   

  Benefits of the new fitout  

  • No need to upgrade wall systems - Hobibox Long fits directly into Slatwall, Grid Mesh and Pegboard
  • Affordable - Hobibox comes in 10 packs so 100 bins cost the client only $262.00
  • Easy for staff to move the boxes around
  • Store easier to clean as products are not sitting on dusty shelves
  • Built in Label Holder

If you have slatwall or pegboard, you need Slatbox!










 Hobibox by Slatbox with Beauty ProductsHobibox by Slatbox with Beauty Products 

SLATBOX fits all wall systems

Slatbox is a universal system. Our store fixture storage bins are strong and versatile, fitting smoothly into all major slotted wall systems including:

  • Slatwall

  • Plankwall

  • StoreWALL

  • Flow wall

  • Clipwall

  • Proslat

  • Unislat

  • Pegboard

If you've got Slatwall, you need Slatbox!

Slatbox storage bins are available in a range of clear or bright colours.

Our products are ideal for retail display, hospitals and pharmacies, schools and childcare centres, offices, materials handling and home garage.

    Check out our full range now     

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