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Your Next Quarantine Project

Your Next Quarantine Project

Turn your garage into the most organised space in the home! 

Storage is messy. And finding a place to store (or hide) it all can be tricky. You’ve got things in odd shapes and sizes, other stuff you rarely use. Some things you need, but you don’t want them just sitting around. You want them to have its place. But where?

The answer to your storage problems? The garage!

An often-neglected room in the house, take the time to turn your garage into the most organised space in the home. Whether it’s used for your car, or as a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home- with the right tools, you can turn your garage into your storage solution!

How You Can Turn Your Garage into a Storage Room 

When our storage spaces are functional and organised, the rest of our house falls in line. For that reason, it’s worth it to take some time and effort to organise your storage. Make it easier with quality wall storage products that do most of the heavy lifting for you, in a pleasant and appealing way.

You can store anything! Using patented technology and industry leading products and materials, you can design a layout that gives you all the space you need to store your stuff! Move your storage around whenever you feel like it. Arrange and hang a range of products on sturdy wall systems. You have the freedom to do whatever you want with Slatbox wall storage!

Make the Most of Vertical Space

Start at the base and let your bare walls work for you. Sturdy and versatile, we designed our slat wall panel systems for a variety of situations. While shelving units take up more space than they save, Slatbox wall storage uses slotted wall systems with durable bins that attach to gridmesh, clipwall, pegboard and Slatgrid, to utilise every bit of space, without invading floor room.

We make our wall panelling from PVC material, allowing for unparalleled strength and usage. Damage resistability makes our system attractive for anyone worried about chipping, flaking or scraping. No matter the space, our product is flexible in any situation.

Get Creative with Your Universal Storage System

Utilise more space without losing your smaller items. Install storage bins designed for items like screws and bolts to keep everything organised and easy to find.

Ditch the shelves and save space with an easy to install Shelfbox system. Install as many as you want without worrying about size, height, placement or installation. Freedom to rearrange is key, especially with sturdy material!

Define your sections with colour. Green acrylic boxes for gardening? Swimming equipment in the blue section? Halloween decorations in orange? With all the Slatbox wall storage systems available in basic colours (as well as custom!), make your garage as colourful and interesting as you want!

There are so many ways you can store your stuff! Check out our site for more ideas on design and the wall systems and storage bins available to help make your organised garage a reality.

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