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Toyota Car Dealership Storage System

Toyota Car Dealership Storage System

This Toyota dealer has chosen the Slatbox™ system as the perfect system to compliment their Kaizan methodology. The dealer is using our Storbox™ range in red and our Shelfbox™ range in clear in their spare parts department. Storbox™ in clear is also used at point of purchase in their accessories department.

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Oh What A Feeling….To Have Everything Organised!

Oh What A Feeling….To Have Everything Organised!

  • Clear Storbox™ for display of packaged items and visual appeal.
  • Point of sale accessories are displayed with ease.
  • Clear Storbox™ for visual appeal and storage of loose items.
  • Everything is clearly marked for quick visual checks of stock levels.
  • Space efficient storage using Storbox™.
  • Toyota’s Kaizen system using Storbox™
  • Everything is close to hand with Shelfbox™ storing all the Toyota components.
  • Sturdy storage plus easy access with Shelfbox™
  • Storbox™ dividers add versatility.

“Thanks for such a fantastic product! We are using Slatbox® storage system to store our top 100 fastest moving spare parts. This system has really helped improve staff productivity in our workshop despatch. There is no doubt about the durability of the product and we have had no failures at either location carrying some very heavy, durable products. Clutter is very much reduced and as you can see it is aesthetically very nice, it keeps the place looking good. It makes it easier for the staff to pick and supply products therefore increasing the efficiency of supply and demand.”   

Jim Keegan – General Manager of Southside Toyota, Mt Gravatt