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Clearbox with Lid

Original price $26.20 - Original price $26.20
Original price $26.20
$26.20 - $26.20
Current price $26.20

The Clearbox range displays your product best for increased sales. Crystal clear finish with easy-to-use lid means products stay clean and protected with easy access for the customer.

  • Super tough polycarbonate finish
  • Food safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer 
  • Perfect for retail display
  • Compatible with Slatwall, Plankwall, Slatgrid
  • Adapter available to use in Pegboard
Code Metric (mm) Imperial (inch) Suggested Working Load Limit
01-280-CC 230L 150W 150H 9L 5.9W 5.9H 15kg / 33lb