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Gallery of Display and Storage Ideas

The Slatbox Storage System

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Slatbox® – The Universal Storage System

Slatbox® – The Universal Storage System

Slatbox® is a versatile and durable multi-purpose storage system with countless commercial and domestic applicatons.  From high volume retail display through to home storage, the UV resistant polypropylene Slatbox® range offers variety in shape, size and colour.  Designed in Australia, built to advanced manufacturing standards and featuring high load bearing capacity, the Slatbox® range offers a truly universal solution to storage and display needs.

Slatbox® – The All-purpose Perfect Fit Storage System

Slatbox® – The All-purpose Perfect Fit Storage System

The easy to use Slatbox® range has been purpose designed to fit into every slotted wall and grid store fixture system on the market, including Slatwall®, Plankwall®, Megawall®, StorWALL™, gridmesh, shelf hanglock, cabinetry and pegboard.  Using Slatbox® makes it so simple to build or enhance a display or storage system.


All products nest neatly together saving you transport and warehousing costs.


Compatible with any shop fitting system used around the world, the versatile Slatbox® range can be easily incorporated into any existing system, or build your own using our Modular Slatgrid™.


Designed for durability. Made from super- tough UV fade-resistant polypropylene, Slatbox® products will last, retaining shape and colour regardless of the environment.


All Slatbox® products are complementary in style and design.

“We have been using the Slatbox® range of display boxes here at Adreno Spearfishing Supplies since the beginning of 2006. The system is tremendously flexible and fits both our existing slat panels and slat grid, as well as being strong and durable. Over the last couple of years we have noticed that the Slatbox storage bins have been very durable, they haven’t changed colour or shape, which is what you would expect from a plastic product. I couldnt recommend Slatbox more highly; it is a very versatile product with many applications. I think Slatbox is a very good product for our business.”

Robbie Lewis – General Manager of Adreno Spearfishing Supplies

Slatbox Systems Incredible Strength

Innovative inbuilt strength ensures all your storage requirements can be met by the Slatbox™ system. As the picture below illustrates, the load carrying capacity of the Slatbox™ system is enormous. Even our smallest Storbox™ is able to carry more than 45 lbs (20 Kg) of lead! The only limiting factor to how much weight your Slatbox™ system can carry will be the load carrying capacity of your wall system.


Slatbox Storage Systems

Slatbox Storage Systems

We would love to discuss your requirements for both home and office, if you are after a bulk order or would like more information on how you can stock Slatbox in your shop or storefront please contact us on 1300 309 655or email us