Louvre Panel
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The louvre panel wall system is designed to support plastic storage bins, small parts boxes and containers on a wall; they are made from cold rolled mild steel and are very suitable for being mounted on the wall with accessories that enable you to store spare parts and other products.
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History Of Louvre Panel

The louvre panel wall system is made cold rolled mild steel and the panels are single sided for fitting to walls, racks or shelving units. They are incredibly strong and have a maximum weight holding of 140lbs allowing louvre panel accessories such as Slatbox to be filled to capacity which maximises space.

Industry Louvre Panel Can Be Used In

Louvre panels are used commonly in auto dealers and super markets but with such a versatile product it can really be used in any home or commercial setting. In a commercial setting, it is a perfect storage choice as it maximises the display of any product as well as making it look neat and saving valuable space. And in a home or domestic setting, it is ideal due to the simplistic nature of installation and the ability to accessorise it to your home storage needs, without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home.

Features And Benefits Of Louvre Panel

The versatility of louvre panel is one of its greatest features, it can be free standing, mobile, wall or bench mounted to suit any environment. The louvre panel system is made up of louvered panels, storage bins, and various accessories for storing a vast array of small parts and accessories. Because most storage accessories fit onto the Louvered panel such as Slatbox storage bins, you can choose a box that is suitable to your product or storage needs and is instantly visible and able to be located easily.