Channel Panel

Channel panel is a slotted wall system which can be single or double sided made from extruded aluminum for strength and durability. It is easy to install and there are many sizes for increased flexibility with installation.
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History of Channel Panel

Channel panel is a fairly new type of slatwall, you can utilize channel panel either in the store fixture or shop fitting arena or for home use as garage wall storage. Channel panel over the years has designed a wide range of accessories to continually improve the channel panel slotted wall system branching out into freestanding gondolas, shelf systems and push feeds.

Industry channel panel is used in

Channel panel is found mostly in the retail industry with versatile attachable accessories which improve point of purchase and increase display. The types of people using channel panel range far and wide from interior designers, grocery stores, convenience stores, garage storage, retail signage and shop fitters. The reason for this large range is the versatility of channel panel which is designed to compliment all accessories including Slatbox storage bins, whether it is free standing gondolas, multi-angle shelf, channel panel info stand or a channel panel display post.

Channel panel won best stand at the visual impact image expo which was the culmination of 10 years of quality experience in the trade show arena.

Features and benefits of channel panel

Features of channel panel include maximum flexibility and enhanced durability due to the use of extruded aluminium used in the design of channel panel. Channel panel is compatible with all the Slatbox products which provide the ultimate storage solution. The manufacturers of channel panel are able to supply their products in any quantity or finish which provides flexibility when using it for the home as well as a commercial setting.

Channel panel’s distributors and their locations

Channel Panel is available in Australia from the manufacturer,