Megawall Storage Systems

MegaWall is a versatile slotted wall product, designed in various materials to give flexibility and ease of use around the home and shop fitting projects.  It can be constructed, with accessories, into a variety of different formations, and structures, which are all free standing.  These freestanding structures can then be loaded with accessories to hold stock including the range of Slatbox products.
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History of MegaWall

MegaWall is designed to be used in display racks, giving it unparalleled flexibility when used in environments with uneven or unsteady walls.  The most popular unit, the L Rack, looks a little like a shelving unit, with a foot and is designed to be freestanding yet sturdy and functional in any slatwall environment.  There are a variety of different designs, and these designs have recently become more popular in most environments.  Ideal for anywhere that requires the walls to remain clear, the various designs and display pieces offer unparalleled versatility and are taking over traditional shop fitting means where the items are fitted to the wall.  Its design is simple yet effective, and slots into slatwall display units of varying sizes and designs to make attractive features to anyone not able to attach displays or shop racks to their walls.

MegaWall is a relatively new product, and gives a rigid set of displays that can be created, from small to large, flat against wall to middle of the floor.  It’s one of the main choices for people working in small businesses and shops, as it’s easy to move and easy to stock.

The Industries MegaWall is used in

MegaWall is used primarily in shop fitting, and is perfect for ‘temporary’ shops, exhibits and exhibitions. Shops that are ‘units’ and may not have traditional walls, markets, and anywhere else that products can’t be attached to a wall for whatever reason.  The shop fitting and design possibilities of the various shapes and sizes of units are endless – so for example, if you wanted to display your stock on a central podium, you could use the ‘megadola’ unit.  A variety of accessories  including the entire Slatbox storage bin range to finish this range of materials makes them ideal for the bespoke storage and display piece, without distracting clients from the stock on display.

Features and benefits of MegaWall

Versatile and sturdy enough to remain as a stand rather than attached to the wall, they are designed to be used in a non traditional shop environment, or to compliment wall storage already in place – they can be used in combination with a variety of products that provide similar finishes and designs.  Made of steel, aluminium or plastic, this versatile product allows the end user to create displays with stands and capsule display set-ups.  It’s vast array of accessories, and light to heavy pieces allow for the creation of beautiful displays that don’t require propping or attachment to walls.

The biggest benefit of MegaWall is its ability to be turned into a freestanding display – and makes it one of the most attractive freestanding units available on the market with a wide array of colours and accessories.

With three ‘strengths’ too, it’s designed to withstand most stock weights, and still look breathtaking and interesting when in situ, without detracting from the stock. It can be used with a wide array of accessories, creating a unique system that anyone can use.

The Manufacturer Of MegaWall And Where To Buy?

In the US, you can buy Megawall from – with a range of options and accessories to fit any need.  Their shipping and costing is clear and they have an easy order process that’s simple to follow.  An American only option there is nowhere else to buy this product outside of the US.

In Australia, “megawall” is a registered trademark of…