Yes, our products are microwave safe and can withstand dishwasher and heat sterilisation up to 120 degrees Celsious. They are also freezer safe (-40 degrees celsius).

All our products are made from new food grade polypropylene with impact modifier and UV stabiliser added. Our products are suitable for food contact application, are FDA compliant and conform to the requirements of EFSA 2005/79/EC Directive and AS2070-1999, Plastics Materials for Food Contact Use. All our products are also recyclable.

Yes, all our products are made from UV-stabilised polypropylene and are highly resistant to colour fade.

Many label companies, including Avery labels, have a range of products that fit perfectly.

Yes, the flat base on our products allows multiple display and storage use on any flat surfaces.

Yes, all our products have been weight certified to determine working load capacity with certification to Australian and international standards. The testing service is accredited with the national association of testing authorities (NATA) and complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC17025 (1999) ensuring that all testing has been carried out in accordance with strict quality control initiatives and all relevant Australian and International Standards have been adhered to.

We require a minimum of 2000 units per product reference for custom colours.

There are no additives for imparting electrostatic dissipative properties used in the polypropylene mix in the Slatbox range. Electronics and computer stores can use the boxes for storing packaged batteries, cell phone devices etc without th electronics in them being affected.

The Slatbox trademark, design patent and part number is embossed into either the base of the box or the top of the slathook/unihook of all our products for easy identification of a genuine quality Slatbox product.

Yes, what makes slatbox such a unique and practical product is the fact that it fits all slatwall, plankwall, megawall and storewalls, so that wherever you go whether it is in business or moving home, slatwall can suit your storage needs.

Yes, all our products are able to be used together, this is what makes our product so appealing, you are able to mix and match to find the right combination suitable for your company, shop, or home.

All Slatbox storage bin products are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty to cover against manufacturing defects.

Slatbox has numerous distributors in sevent countries around the world, if you refer to Slatbox’s distributor page on the website, this will point you in the direction of a nearby retailer.

Depending on the slatbox storage bin that you choose, there is a range of colours, the standard colours are available in all styles, however if you are after a custom colour we require a minimum order of 2000 for smaller bins and 600 for larger bins.

Contact your local distributor for information regarding pricing.

Some of our distributors in the home garage market deliver and install. However the design of Slatbox is so easy and ready to use that installation is a simple process.

Yes, our full range of Slatbox produts including Storebox, Shelfbox, Popbox and Hobibox are all designed to fit slatwall and most slotted wall systems including plankwall, unislat, storewall, etc. The boxes can also be made to fit peg board and square grid using our various adaptors.

Yes, Slatbox storage bins are easy to take out of any wall system and moved to a new location.

Slatbox is an innovative product which combines style and aesthetics with genuine strength and versatility. Slatbox storage bins can be used in almost all aspects of life.

Yes, we have a catalogue, it is available online in a PDF version or alternatively visit one of our local distributors for a hard copy.

Does Slatbox offer a corporate discount? Slatbox is a manufacturer that offers export pricing for master distributors in each country around the world, for information on becoming a master importer of Slatbox storage bins, contact information is available on the website.

Slatbox for hospitals –

Yes, slatbox is an ideal storage solution for clean sterile environments such as hospitals as the storage bins are made from virgin polypropylene and are approved for clean room environments. Visit http://www.unislat.com/med_wallsystems.html for more information.

Yes, Slatbox storage bins are easily removed from the wall in order to be cleaned and can withstand boiling temperatures and are dishwashable.

Yes, the Slatbox storage system is available in wide range of colours which is useful in an organised environment such as a hospital where you need to be able to find instruments, medication etc quickly.

Slatbox for schools/childcare –

Slatbox storage bins are allergen free and completely safe around children, in fact the lightweight plastic storage bins are the perfect item to store items for kids.

Slatbox storage containers have a diverse range of colours which include bright colours suitable for schools and childcare. Slatbox offers the choice to mix and match to provide a diverse colour range for your school or childcare centre.

Yes, Slatbox is very easy to use and the storage bins are lightweight. Teachers may need to move to different classrooms and this is why slatbox is so beneficial. The plastic storage containers fit into most wall fittings are able to be stacked and carried wih minimal effort.

Slatbox for the garage storage –

All Slatbox storage containers have been tested to determine their different weight capacities. Depending on the weight of your items, there will be a Slatbox that can fit your needs. Slatbox’s design ensures that it is one of the strongest most resilient storage solutions on the market.

Slatbox is designed to be able to be used by anybody, whether at home, in a business or at a school. We believe that anybody can install the Slatbox system, however our distributors are always happy to give you the right advice on purchasing and installing Slatbox.

For a list of all the various slatbox ranges, consult our Slatbox website which can provide you with information whih best suits your storage needs.

Store Fixtures –

Slatbox comes in a wide range of colours that are guaranteed to compliment any business or home. If you bring in colour samples of your shops colour scheme, one of our distributors would be happy to find a slatbox combination that suits your decor.

Yes, Slatbox storage bins are very professional looking, they are not only practical and effective storage solutions but aesthetically they are very stylish and professional looking.

If you visit our ‘display ideas’ page on the Slatbox website, you will find a number of businesses who use Slatbox storage bins, examples range from a Toyota car dealer, a sports dealer, Childcare centre and many more…

Materials/parts storage –

Yes, Slatbox comes in a range of colours, you can utilise this by colour coding different boxes used for spare parts or materials so they are easier to locate.

We appoint master importers in each country who establish distribution for that country. Our Australian master importer, Holdeverything (a mei + Pichi company) will ship anywhere in Australia.

Only if you are wishing to purchase a custom colour, but for everything else there is no minimum order.

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