Slatbox Display Ideas

Slatbox is the innovative storage solution that is strong, versatile and designed to fit smoothly into all slotted wall systems including Slatwall, Storewall, Plankwall, Megawall, Flowwall and much more. Slatbox storage bins are able to facilitate any business, home or hospital storage needs with its universal store fixture and shop fitting display solution. Attaching easily to gridmesh, clipwall, pegboard and slatgrid, as well as all slotted wall systems, the design initiative of Slatbox is the creation of a unique design which encompasses style, accessibility and practical storage solutions. Slatbox is a preferable option to regular storage bins, whether the purpose is for a business or simply home organisation. As far as a home storage product, the Slatbox storage bins are easily the most stylish of all home storage units. Featuring our unique design patented fitment, Slatbox storage bins are available in a range of clear or bright colours. Businesses and hospitals who use Slatbox find that the storage product is easy to clean and easy to install with innovative sleek designs that offer maximum product storage and display.




Backroom Storage

The Slatbox™ system is the perfect solution to get that backroom organised. Its flexible, value for money and easily changed to meet your changing needs. Add more storage as you grow!

Toyota Car Dealership Storage Systems

This Toyota dealer has chosen the Slatbox™ system as the perfect system to compliment their Kaizan methodology. The dealer is using our Storbox™ range in red and our Shelfbox™ range in clear in their spare parts department. Storbox™ in clear is also used at point of purchase in their accessories department.

Sports Store

The Slatbox™ range of storage and display bins is perfect for the large variety of products on display in a sports store. Slatbox™ easily handles heavy, bulky and irregularly shaped items like scuba gear, spearfishing equipment, heavy dive weights, fishing tackle and other sporting equipment! The display ideas below show the many different ways to utilise Storbox™, Shelfbox™, Popbox™ and Cratebox™ in a range of interchangeable sizes and styles to maximise space and display.

Motorcycle Dealership Storage Systems

The Slatbox™ range of storage and display boxes is perfect for the large variety of products on display in a Motorcycle Dealer. The Slatbox™ system easily handles heavy, bulky and irregularly shaped items!

Fishing Tackle Shop Storage Solutions

The Slatbox™ range of storage and display boxes is perfect for the large variety of product on display in a Fishing Tackle store. Slatbox™ easily handles heavy, bulky and irregularly shaped items! This Fishing Tackle store is utilising our Storbox™, Shelfbox™, Popbox™ and Cratebox™ ranges.

Medical, Pharmacy & Hospital Storage Systems

Hospital storage – cleanliness and access

Storage solutions for hospitals can often be a complex and confusing business – which is why it’s crucial, for a patient and staff safety perspective to have a robust, hygienic system to fall back on.

Medicine storage

Medicine storage is an area that requires two key considerations – the ability to be able to tell the difference between products, whilst storing as much as possible in a small area safely, and the ability to secure and lock up medicines when they are not in use.

Storage for large amounts of medicines would rapidly become inefficient and dangerous if using drawers and emptying the pills into each hopper – one mistake and the wrong meds could be stored in the wrong place, so most medications are stored in their boxes, with multiples of boxes stored together. This system works best on rotating shelves, that either rotate vertically, or in a circle. Vertical rotation shelves also require covers that snap down over the meds, allowing them to ‘roll’ round the display, like a 360 degree rolodex. As these displays are frequently wire or solid shelves and plastic snap down covers, they are easy to clean and sterilise, and store medicines safely.

A large circular rotating shelf unit is also a good choice for pharmacies – this gives the ability to store higher demand products nearer the front of the pharmacy, without compromising on safety.

Older pharmacy units do use drawers, but ensure they are deep enough to store the meds, in box.
On ward storage comes in a variety of types – but is usually a lockable trolley and a separate lockable unit for medicines such as morphine or other highly dangerous meds that can only be dispensed under supervision.

Ward storage and beyond

Ward storage is often minimal – to allow the ease of movement of patients between units and the ease of cleaning the room and objects in it. There is usually no shelving in the ward itself, and storage closets and a small kitchen or galley is often on the ward, separate from the patient area. This lets the staff concentrate on caring for the patient, instead of constantly cleaning.

All storage units in a hospital are designed to be easy to clean – yet rugged enough to withstand continual deep cleaning – storage rooms and their contents are frequently sterilised to support the cleanliness of the hospital, while storage systems are standardised.

The most popular solutions

The most popular solutions at present are roller racks for records – big bookcase sized products that can be stacked together or opened out to access an area – and can provide up to 80% more storage, simply by stacking them – there’s no gaps between book cases and they roll efficiently or can be locked easily. Shelving and roller racks are used elsewhere too – wherever records or files need to be stored.

Cupboards too have had a makeover and are designed to store as much as possible without clutter –drawers for anything to be stored on the wards are usually placed within these units. Mobile storage for files and other items is also of utmost importance and is designed around ease of use. These solutions and the others currently employed allow hospitals to keep track of their most important items, without compromising on cleanliness.

Pirtek Hydraulics

This Pirtek Hydraulic dealer has chosen the Slatbox™ system to store and display their many and varied components. The strength of Slatbox™ is ideal for their needs given that many of their components are heavy duty.

Nursery, Toy & Hobby Storage Systems

Toy storage options, large and small

Whether you’re running a day care centre, or designing your storage solution for toddlers, toy storage is one of the best parts of designing a play area for children – creating a safe, accessible area for storage can be a pleasure, as it helps parents and carers support the safe play of their children.

The home storage option

Nursery, Toy & Hobby Storage Systems

Home storage is fraught with decisions that every parent will probably recognise – the storage they choose needs to be safe, and rugged. It needs to support the development of the child by storing increasingly more complex or increasingly smaller parts, and it needs to stand the test of time. There’s no point in buying a storage system for a toddler that you have to replace when your child starts school – and then again, when they’re a teenager.

The best storage options are usually made of wood, with plastic tubs – these are easy to care for, wipe clean, and blend with just about any environment. As many inserts for these also come in a range of colours, it’s easy to see why they are the first choice for parents.

Another option is shelving. Adding shelves to any space automatically gives easier storage, but it’s important to make sure that these shelves are secure and can’t be pulled down – as children frequently pull themselves up on objects, or try to climb them. Shelving, when used correctly, can be one of the best design choices for any end user, as everything is on display – tubs on the bottom shelves can be used for smaller, more intricate toys, while the higher shelves can be used for toys that are less played with. It’s also a good idea to keep some tubs on the very top shelf with toys that are no longer needed, and empty these frequently to donate or trash.

A final option for storage are blanket boxes, though it’s often important to be aware that this storage solution has several disadvantages, including not being able to see the toys and lids that can catch small fingers.

Day care solutions

Nursery, Toy & Hobby Storage Systems

In many cases, day care solutions are identical to the home storage solution – if the day carer in question works from home, there’s no reason to change the winning formula of wooden storage units + tubs. If the day care centre is a dedicated building, then more options present themselves – such as counters with under worktop storage, and custom build units that may otherwise fit well in a shop. No matter what the choice, day carers need to choose something that’s easy to clean, and easy to use. Shelves around walls at adult height can provide much needed storage for games and books, while shelving units can store art and cooking supplies, along with toys that fit there.

The benefit of tub storage for the day carer is myriad – they can see where toys are, and can entice children to play with certain toys by having them ‘on display’ in the tubs. If the tubs aren’t see-through, colourful labels can be applied to describe what should be contained within.

Both solutions work well

It’s important to realise that in most cases, the home storage system versus the day care solution is practically identical. The primary concern of creating a less cluttered space for a child to explore their surroundings works whether you’re a parent or a nursery nurse. The importance of storage to a child has less impact – while children will put things away, their primary interest will always be their toys and how easy it is to find them.

Home Storage Systems & Solutions

Even around the home, the Slatbox® system is the ideal solution. Using custom colours, Storbox® is able to fit in with any decor while providing safe hands for even your most precious belongings!

Home Garage Storage Systems & Solutions

Home Garage Storage

Storbox™ series and Shelfbox™ series combined with Slatbox™ modular slatgrid give eay access to those handy bits and pieces.

Home Garage Storage

Popbox™ -Jumbo and Large combined on slatwall® make garage storage easy!

Home Garage Storage

Above- Storbox™ -Big with handy dividers makes it a cinch to store those items you need nearby. Below- Shelfbox™ -100 and 200 series with optional dividers, perfect for small tools, pliers, electrical fittings, light bulbs.

Home Garage Storage

Combine handy box sizes and series to fit all your storage needs.

Home Garage Storage
Home Garage Storage

The low cost and visual appeal make Slatbox™ storage boxes ideal for home garage organization.
Create an entire slatwall in your garage for ultimate storage versatility. Store whatever you like and reorganize to your heart’s content!

Home garage organisation – storage at its best

The home garage industry has gone through a major boom in the last five years, as tools and storage solutions become cheaper and the hobbyist really is just that – an enthusiastic end user that does what they do for fun.

The importance of an organised garage

Garages can be a dangerous place – if there’s no organisation for tools, or other items stored in there, they can either become damaged, or damage the people going in there. This is a huge problem for most garage owners – it’s difficult to take a hobby seriously when it causes injury or is constantly about digging around for the last place you left tools.

Also, crucially, people are using their garage more and more for storage of items they want to keep, but have no room for in the house – so it’s equally important to have a sturdy, above ground level system to store your items and boxes. As this is so important, garage systems have been developed to work with the end user, to create the design that he wants.

The garage system for you

When considering what type of storage solution you need, first and foremost you need to consider what you store, and what you use in the garage. You’ve also got to look at how you store your belongings. The best thing to do from the outset is to empty and condense as many boxes as you can – if you do so, you will find it much easier to use your space more effectively. A great rule of thumb is if you’ve not used it for two years and don’t intend to use it again in the next year, it has no sentimental or monetary value and it’s something you can live without, then you should toss it. If it’s worth something, and you don’t want it, sell it.

Once you’ve condensed down all of your current clutter, look at where you’re storing tools, if anywhere. A solid peg board, with tool outlines and hooks is frequently the best way to go – optimise your space by using small buckets or hoppers with nails and other items in them. Commit to always putting your tools away, instead of leaving them on a counter or bunker, and keep your workspace clear of debris and clutter so that you can see what you’re working on and how it’s coming along.

Shelving and other needs

Sometimes pegboard just isn’t enough for storage – you may have lots of materials, smaller boxes, or vacuum packed bags – whatever the reason, it’s important to look at shelving critically and decide which option and solution is best for you – whether it’s a drawer system with see-through containers, or a shelving system designed around your needs, you should choose the one that solves the majority of your problems while offering support for expansion. This flexibility will allow you to examine what you really need from a storage system.

The right choice

Garage systems are understandably complex – with a myriad of choices, and a fall back of the trusty peg board, it’s possible that you can create a storage system befitting of the enjoyment your tools give you – choose a system that’s designed with you in mind, and remember that pegboard may be one of the least exciting choices you can make, but it’s a standard addition to garages because it works well, no matter what the tool storage you need.

Materials Handling Using Slatbox

Storbox room divider

Storbox room divider

Storbox room divider

Storbox room divider

Muscle rack with Storbox and Shelfbox

Muscle rack

Muscle rack

Muscle rack

Muscle rack

Muscle rack

Muscle rack

Slatgrid with Storbox and Shelfbox



Pegboard with Hobibox

Pegboard with Hobibox

The Slatbox system provides unlimited versatility and flexibility. Use with slatwall, slatgrid, squaregrid and pegboard or simply use Shelfbox on shelving for superior organisation.

Storbox room divider

Automotive Garage Storage Systems & Solutions

Automotive Garage

Storbox™series is ideal for an automotive garage with the built-in label holder and versatile sizes.

Automotive Garage

Integrate Storbox™ and hanging items along the wall to maximise workshop space.

Automotive Garage

Use Storbox™ above a workbench for easy visible access to parts.

Automotive Garage

Storbox™ and Shelfbox™ are ideal for small parts and components used in assembly.

Automotive Garage

Use Storbox™ above a workbench for easy visible access to parts.

Automotive Garage

Storbox™ and Shelfbox™ are ideal for small parts and components used in assembly.

The Slatbox™ system is the perfect solution for the varied requirements of an automotive garage or workshop environment. Able to withstand years of heavy handed use and still look good!

Spare part storage? It’s covered

Have you ever gone into a dealership and asked for a spare part, only to be waved towards a pile of scrap metal in a corner? Of course not! Dealers understand the intricacy and importance of storing genuine spare parts, both ordered in and stored there (such as the smaller items – spark plugs, batteries, gaskets etc.) and parts ordered in to custom standards.

Does it matter?

If you’re going to buy a spare part for your car, you’ll want to know if it’s new or refurbished – often spare parts, even at the smallest size, are sealed in packaging if they are new, allowing you to feel confident that the are what the dealership or garage says. Perhaps they’ll have some of these parts on display, in their packaging, on hanging hooks, allowing the client to see what they are buying before they buy it. Perhaps they’ll be stored in the relevant box, allowing the mechanic to fit the pieces quickly. It matters in many ways because mechanics charge by the hour – and no one likes to think that half an hour of the time they’ve hired the mechanic for was hunting out the part.

Storage in these environments is also important from a dealer or garage owner’s point of view – it’s pointless ordering in a part you already have elsewhere. It’s a waste of money to order in menial parts such as spark plugs and gasket seals if you’ve got some already – but because different engines need different parts, storage becomes of the utmost importance to any garage owner – store the wrong things in the wrong place and there may be an accident while fitting the piece, and that accident could reflect badly on your company.

Spare part storage 101

Spare parts need to be stored safely to be usable at a later date – it’s very difficult to take anyone seriously that has to go hunting through dozens of hoppers or tubs to find one part, so the scrap and spare part industry have developed around supporting the client and ensuring that everything is stored safely and efficiently.

Spare parts, based on their size can be stored on custom drawer units, or pegboards with mounted small hoppers. Larger parts can be stored on shelves or in drawers, and the largest parts of all can be stored in cartons, on shelves. Everything will have its place, and everything should be labelled.

Display units could also be employed, providing hooks and grid systems where the books are attached, to display items that the customer may need. If the garage has room, shelves could also be employed, offering a range of items, from books to spare parts. No matter what the storage solution, garages can benefit from increased efficiency, and unparalleled ease of finding the parts that they need, when they need it. Waste and accidental duplicate ordering will be cut down on too.

Doing so should actually increase profit margins and efficiency, and give the customer a lot more faith in the mechanic, the garage, or the dealership.
Finally, storage is of the utmost importance as ‘genuine’ spare parts, versus generic ones, are usually slightly more expensive. As this is often the case, it’s also expected that these parts be treated with respect, giving the end user confidence that they haven’t been damaged while stored.